Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Boosted

Do you remember being at the roller rink as a kid, holding hands with someone, and having them "Super Boost" you forward? We did just that for our older daughter, Lauren's 8th birthday in May. The other day, I was thinking about how much fun it was to watch Lauren and her friends slingshotting each other through the rink. They would hold on to each other's hands, then gain speed, and whip each other fast forward! There is always that slight fear when they first let go, that slight wobble, then, "Phew!" when I know they're A-OK and fully balanced again. I was having just as much fun watching my adult brothers and sisters Power Boost each other along the rink like we did two decades ago! I was helping Taylor along the outside of the rink watching everyone whizz by us that party day, totally content where we were. The other day I was also thinking about those Super Boosts.

I thought to myself, "God really is my Super Booster." He has me hold on tight for a while to get the momentum building, to make sure I've got that firm grasp I need on Him. Then, when He knows I'm ready, He Super Boosts me to the next level of life. I get my bearings again as I move through a little fear of this new unknown. Then, He just kind of watches me along the edge until I'm growing a little too content, grabs my hand making sure I'm holding on tight again. Then...Whammo! I'm propelled forward again. I think that's just how it is when we get to walk with God. He knows when to coast with us, when to grab our hand to build the momentum, and when to slingshot us forward.

I don't think we'd enjoy life as much as we could just coasting along the outside of the rink. I don't think we'd enjoy life as much as we could just holding on for dear life gaining momentum without the thrust forward. I think we get to enjoy life at its fullest understanding God is right there taking us through each step and each season of life while giving us just what we need to be thrusted forward. Are you ready to be Super Boosted?