Sunday, March 1, 2015


     This is a topic I think about a lot, and it's come up again this week for me.  I love that God takes ordinary people all the time in the Bible...ordinary but willing people...and does extraordinary things through them.  It shows that it is God at work, and that He longs and loves to use His creations to do remarkable things.  Many of those people were afraid to be the one God sent to do incredible things, but in the end they were willing.  Man oh man, do I want to be willing to do what God wants to do through me.
      I was reminded so much of this when I got an email from one of Taylor's support people.  She is what we call a "Case Manager," meaning she administrates all the details of Taylor's schedule and ensures Taylor has every tool she needs to succeed in the mainstream world.
     Miss Malia nominated Taylor for a leadership conference this summer.  (Taylor was even nominated for another one by her English teacher earlier in the year.)  I am overwhelmed when I think of these honors.What I realize is that some people see beyond Taylor's limitations to her endless possibilities.  That is exactly how I believe God sees us.  He knows we have limitations, but He sees so clearly the endless possibilities when we let Him take charge.