Friday, November 16, 2012


Grand Pop Spanky is probably not the name most grandkids would call their grandpa, and I'm pretty sure most grandparents wouldn't even consider it...from what I hear, my dad actually gave himself this nicknameOne thing I do know is how much Grandpop Spanky is loved!

Yesterday we celebrated Dad's 68th birthday, and I woke up feeling a little emotional about it.  I am so thankful for my dad, for the years I grew up in a fun, loving, fun-loving, awesome home filled with not only my own seven siblings, but pretty much the neighborhood as well.  My mom and dad went out of their way to make sure everyone felt loved and welcomed in our home. 

I feel like we have been given a second chance with my dad because six (or maybe it's even seven) years ago, my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  He was told years later that had he not responded so well to the chemo, he wouldn't have had many weeks to live.  Thankfully, God answered the many prayers we all had for my dad's response to those meds and for his recovery.  There are many prayer warriors out there who we don't even know by name, but who were praying for my dad.  Thank you!

I realized yesterday that the relationship my daughters have with their grandpop is nothing short of AMAZING!  Their grandpop is amazing, and the things he stops his world for revolve around his family.  What's awesome is that in the last six years, our family has literally doubled in size.  Four of the eight siblings have gotten married, and there have been four more grandchildren added with a fifth on the way.  Literally...exactly double the numbers before Dad's diagnosis.  What I marvel at is how even though there are double the people, the love factor is exponential...and infinite. 

Thank you, Dad, for teaching your children and grandchildren the power of loving your family well.  Happy Birthday!