Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lauren's Birthday- Part 2

"A friend loves all times."  Proverbs

This year has been interesting for friendships for Lauren.  She definitely has been through some of the "growing pains" of middle school girl friendships.  Some of the girls she's known for years have formed their own new relationships or are becoming closer knit without knitting in some of the elementary school girls.

It's been hard for Lauren, but it's much harder for her parents.  It's one thing to watch it happening.  It's quite another to hear your child express their sadness and grief over changing relationships.  A few weeks before Lauren's birthday, her dearest friends from Kindergarten moms...follow that?...asked me if they could bring their girls over on Lauren's birthday and surprise her with balloons, cinnamon rolls, and presents for her birthday.  What a gift!  I was beyond ecstatic to see my girl honored on her special day by the girls who have stuck by her side always.  This picture says it all!

Thank you Wendy and Lori.  Thank you girls. The gift goes far beyond just Lauren.  It's a gift to the whole family to see your child honored and blessed, cherished, and appreciated.

This is how the Lord must feel when He sees His children treat each other with lovingkindness.  Let me do this more.

Happy 12th Birthday, Lauren!

Lauren's 12th Birthday hit me in ways I wasn't expecting.  This girl has always amazed me.  She is an athlete, scholar, special sister, daughter, and friend.  She's just an amazing PERSON!  This year Mike and I decided it was time to get her her own cell phone.  Now, she may not be the only middle schooler without a phone, but she probably is the only middle schooler without a phone, iTouch, iPod, iSomething...  It was time to give this responsible young lady her own phone.  (Plus if you read her persuasive essay from Christmas time, you'd have to give it to her too!)

While at the store buying the phone, I was super excited thinking of how excited Lauren would be.  I didn't think I would get emotional...I mean really...Mike and I were at the PHONE STORE!  I got totally choked up while getting Lauren her phone...seriously, I did.  I wasn't expecting to realize what this phone actually symbolized.  It symbolized her first true steps toward complete independence.  I am excited about seeing my little girl grow up, but I just don't think I am quite ready to let her go...even if it starts with a phone.  I totally sympathized with Mike when he said, "I wish we could bottle Lauren up right here and keep her from growing up."  I just adore this girl for who she is.

She got the phone and has loved it!  Mike wrapped it up in a bag.  As she was opening the bag, he called her phone.  It was ringing, and the surprise on her face was priceless!