Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday, Taylor!

Taylor's 12th birthday was one incredible day.  The last 12 years have been a gift.  The last 12 years with Taylor have taught me more than I could ever imagine- more love, more empathy, more trust, more joy, more pain, more victory, more defeat, more determination, more passion and compassion, more hope, more of who Jesus is and how He shows up when I need Him most...more more more.

The night of Taylor's birthday we sang a song in church called, "I will Look Up."  The words had so much meaning to me.  I have seen Jesus work in our lives through the ups and downs with the girls, particularly the challenges we've faced with Taylor and the breakthroughs.  I have had some anxieties about what is coming up for Taylor as she's getting older.  I am excited and scared at the same time.  I heard these words and was so comforted knowing I can look back and see all that God has done.  I KNOW He is faithful and will be the One to carry us through the upcoming milestones as well.

I will look up for there is none above you
I will bow down to tell you that I need you
Jesus, Lord of all
Jesus, Lord of all
I will look back and see that you are faithful
I look ahead believing you are able
Jesus, Lord of all
Jesus, Lord of All

 Taylor got her iPhone.  She wrote us a long, persuasive letter and read it to us the night leading up to her birthday.  She was convincing, and her line about "letting our little baby spread her wings and fly" had to be one of the best.  So here we go....spread your wings and fly (just not too far, Tay!)