Sunday, August 24, 2014

Walking by Faith

"We walk by faith, not by sight."  2 Corinthians 5:7

     Jeremy Camp sings an amazing song called, "I Will Walk by Faith."  The lyrics go on to say even when I cannot see. It's always been one of my favorites since it came out several years ago.  This last month has been filled with lots of unknowns.  I have shared with my husband, Mike, that I feel a little like we're in the Spin Cycle of the washing machine.  I don't exactly know what's in store for us.  Of course, that's the truth always....we have no idea what's coming our way, but we usually have several "knowns" going on in the midst of what might be coming.
     We're in the middle of lots of unknowns right now.  Lauren has started a new adventure with softball, a travel team, where we have no idea where we'll be going, how intense the schedule will be, IF she'll even be playing, how many weekends in a row they'll be playing...lots of unknowns.  On the flip side, we're excited about the challenge and new level of competition.  We're excited about the opportunity for her to play on this team...personal invitations don't come around all that often.  (This story is a whole other post as we're seeing God's hand upon it.)
     Taylor is starting middle school.  Yikes!  SCARY is all I can say, but I can't say that out loud when Taylor's around because we all know we have to be strong for our kids.  Inside I'm freaking out, but on the outside cool as a cucumber (at least I think that's what's coming across).  Scared of the schedule, scared of the homework load, scared of how she'll be embraced/not embraced by her peers, scared of how the teachers will handle her.  The flip side is that I'm thrilled to be seeing this next stage of life coming her way, and she's both nervous and excited as well.
     Mike's job is always an unknown.  In commission-only real estate, we never know if a sale is coming, if a paycheck is coming, if there's something ahead.  We are trusting every day the Lord to provide.  I have no idea what kind of class I'll have this year, what kinds of new ideas are going to be thrown my way.  We are trusting Him on this walk by faith and there's no where I'd rather be.  The security of knowing He's got me right where He wants me is worth the scary feelings of the unknown.  I'd much rather walk God's path for me by faith than try to figure the path out on my own.