Sunday, September 29, 2013

Taylor Gets her Driver's License

     This summer we were lucky enough to be gifted with 5 tickets to LegoLand. (Thanks to our Carlsbad cousins.) We took Hanna and Bella, two of the girls' best friends. One of the great stops throughout the day was to the car ride.
     It was the only ride that Taylor had to navigate completely on her own without anyone else helping out. She'd have to drive a car entirely on her own, but Hanna and Taylor had figured out a way to team up and work together. They convinced the ride operator that Hanna would get a car right next to Taylor and would tell her how to steer and where to go, gassing and braking when necessary. They got the plan together and headed off the two cars side-by-side. Hanna explained each part of the car to Taylor, the gas pedal, the brake, the steering wheel.
     As she was doing all this, a kind gentleman turned to me with tears in his eyes and told me how touched he was with Taylor's courage. (I was watching from outside the track with excitement over how this whole thing was going to pan out.) It's always special when I see how others are affected by Lauren and Taylor.           
     The ride started, and within seconds, my eyes were filling with tears...because of my inappropriate laughter! Taylor had immediately turned hard left and crashed into the curb. Then, to make up for it, she turned hard right and rammed right into Hanna's car. Another ride operator approached HANNA and whispered to her, "Does your friend know how to steer?" to which Hanna responded, "Of course not, she's blind."
     A second operator went over to Hanna and asked, "Does your friend know how to drive?"
     Again, Hanna said, "I already told you, no, she's blind."
     At this point, I was laughing so hard I missed the next moments. Apparently, the second guy tried to get onto Taylor's car as she pressed the pedal to the metal instead of braking and ran right over his foot. He jumped on and drove Taylor (with Hanna nearby) to the front of the track. The entire ride was stopped, and everyone got right off.
     Hanna just guided Taylor on out who was so proud of getting her Driver's License! I laughed so hard it was totally inappropriate, but I started thinking that this is how life really is. I am constantly trying to drive on course, and follow the Lord's guidance, but sometimes I turn hard right and crash. Other times, I try to compensate and turn hard left, crashing again. I have to just stop and let the Lord gently guide me. This is one ride I'll never forget!