Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miracle Kiss

Taylor is definitely growing up and coming into her own. Two weeks ago my sister got married and Taylor came up with the idea of the "Miracle Kiss." Granted, she's been a flower girl three times in the last eight months...for two of my sisters and one of my brothers! (It's been a little busy!!!)

Following the ceremony, Taylor told my dad about the Miracle Kiss that happens at the end of the wedding. "Grandpa, that's the kiss where Aunt Liz went from being Liz Hudson to Liz Madden." When asked who told Taylor about that idea, she said, "No one. I just thought of it myself." Why hadn't I thought of that? I love learning from my nine and seven-year-olds all the time.

It makes me think of the Miracle Moment. Is there a moment you can think of when you went from being __________ (fill in the blank with your name) to ___________, Child of God? I never felt like there was a specific moment in time when I made that commitment, but I certainly know there was a Miracle Moment when Jesus died on that cross and was raised from the dead for you and I. The veil was torn and the divide was lifted. We get to be in eternity because of that Miracle Moment if we love the Lord.