Friday, October 1, 2010

Super Human

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

This post has pretty much nothing to do with Taylor, and it has everything to do with learning how to accept myself as I am.

I am a part-time teacher, just received four new students 2 days ago, and yesterday was our Back-to-School Night. Adding four new students the day before Back-to-School Night is a little stressful, but we were thrilled to get them so we had a chance to meet their parents. I teach in a lower socio-economic area and don't typically get a huge turnout for the evening, but my teaching partner and I put in a ton of work for the families that do show.

As Susie (my teaching partner) was getting final touches put on the room for our families, she texted me saying how rough the afternoon was trying to get things in order. I texted her back reminding her how much I appreciate all she does and said we have to remember we're not Superhuman! (How many of us think we are???) Then it occurred to me, "I'm super human." By this I mean, I am a human being...a normal, regular person with real human limitations. I expect way more of myself than is humanly possible! Can you relate??? I feel like jumping off this chair and asking you face-to-face (Beth Moore style for those of you who have heard her speak...Amen???) It's crazy what we think we can do...and even crazier how frustrated and disappointed we are in ourselves when we "fail." The truth is we set ourselves up to fail. What we set out to do is truly impossible. We are super human after all. Those Superhumans are the stuff of science- FICTION movies!

God gives us the strength, talents, and abilities to do ALL things. Count on Him first and be thankful what He gives you the strength to do.

Now, I better get off my soapbox and get to work on my impossible-to-achieve To-Do List for the day (or more likely...week).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miracle Kiss

Taylor is definitely growing up and coming into her own. Two weeks ago my sister got married and Taylor came up with the idea of the "Miracle Kiss." Granted, she's been a flower girl three times in the last eight months...for two of my sisters and one of my brothers! (It's been a little busy!!!)

Following the ceremony, Taylor told my dad about the Miracle Kiss that happens at the end of the wedding. "Grandpa, that's the kiss where Aunt Liz went from being Liz Hudson to Liz Madden." When asked who told Taylor about that idea, she said, "No one. I just thought of it myself." Why hadn't I thought of that? I love learning from my nine and seven-year-olds all the time.

It makes me think of the Miracle Moment. Is there a moment you can think of when you went from being __________ (fill in the blank with your name) to ___________, Child of God? I never felt like there was a specific moment in time when I made that commitment, but I certainly know there was a Miracle Moment when Jesus died on that cross and was raised from the dead for you and I. The veil was torn and the divide was lifted. We get to be in eternity because of that Miracle Moment if we love the Lord.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Heavenly Party

Just two weeks after losing Aunt Pat, Taylor's long-time Physical Therapist, Miss Karen passed away. Miss Karen was in her mid-forties, has three gorgeous children, and was gone far too soon for my understanding. Miss Karen was also the woman who truly taught Taylor how to crawl, walk, climb a step, then two or three, and how to run. We saw Miss Karen at Cornerstone Therapy every week, even a couple times a week in the beginning. It is with great sadness I write this entry because I often forget how difficult is was to get Taylor to go from Point A to Point B. I froget because Miss Karen always made it seem like it was the highlight of her week to spend time with Taylor teaching her the basics of navigating each step of life...literally...

The day we found out about Karen and the moment I told Taylor, she once again made sense out of nonsense. She said in her profound six-year old voice, "Well, Mom, at least Aunt Pat and Miss Karen will get to meet each other in heaven." Now, I may not have the words exactly right, but the statement is just right. Taylor knows that in heaven it doesn't matter who you know. Just knowing Jesus will get you to meet millions of others instantly. There are no boundaries of any kind, pure joy and pure perfection! I was completely caught off guard by the pure innocence and pure understanding of heaven from Taylor's perspective.

I also think now of how many people we will get to meet for the first time in heaven. We get to meet our Maker. We get to meet the saints who have gone before us, those we've personally known, gotten to know through the Bible, read about in books, and those we're longing to see again. Oh, how I long for that God's perfect timing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pray Without Ceasing

"We do not know what we outght to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." Romans 8:26

While it's been so many months since a posting, so many wonderful and not-so-wonderful things have happened. I'm really going to try to get back into the swing of things here.

One of our major life changes was losing a dear aunt in October. The morning I got the phone call that Aunt Pat was not going to make it more than a couple of hours, I told the girls why I would be leaving for the day. Immediately, Taylor got out of her bed and on her knees to pray. I have not seen nor have I heard her pray with such fervor as I did that morning. Lauren and I joined her as we prayed for God's mercy to heal Aunt Pat at that moment. Really, I wept. I really had no words to utter...just tears.

God's healing took a different turn as He healed her forever from all sickness and brought her home to heaven that day.

I marveled at Taylor's first reaction and her understanding under the circumstances. I also marvel at how passionately we get to talk with our God. I marvel at how sincere a six-year-old can be when she prays and how I learn from her each day.