Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lauren Elizabeth Cox...Let me brag...

Lauren is Taylor's older sister, and I feel I never give her enough credit.  I've always said that once you have a special needs child, all your children have special needs.  I have felt strongly since Taylor's birthday that Lauren would have unique needs since there aren't too many sisters around with blind siblings. 

While this is true, I have seen amazing things from Lauren because of her unique responsibilities and the gifts God's given her.  Not only is she a gifted scholar, a terrific athlete, and compassionate young lady, she is also Taylor's best friend and advocate.  While these girls are sisters to the core (including arguing and pestering one another), there have been some shining moments in their bond.

Lauren just started middle school, and the campus shares a lot with the girls' elementary school.  These schools are 1/2 mile from home, and we've come to where the girls are wanting to walk home from school each day.  (The backpacks and Taylor's slower pace have made the walk a little more arduous than you think.)  Mike's been amazing to pick the girls up after school every day I am working, but we thought we should have a back-up plan in case he can't be there on time.  Mike was thinking about the girls walking home alone. (There are many other kids we know walking the same route, so technically they're not really alone.)  Me, being the overprotective mom wasn't so sure.  I especially wasn't so sure because I didn't want Lauren feeling awkward about starting middle school and having to walk Taylor home...drawing attention to them.  (Lauren would rather hide than seek attention from her peers.)

So, we asked Lauren if she'd be comfortable walking Taylor home.  Her reply was so revealing.  I was expecting the typical pre-teen answer, "Mom, I don't really want people looking at us."  Her answer was priceless.  "Sure Mom, but who will watch Taylor til I can pick her up?  She gets out a lot earlier."  No worries about herself or others, just the one she loves and does worry about...her sister.  I learned so much from Lauren in that brief exchange. 

Thank you Lauren for teaching Mom not to worry so much about what others think.  I love you.