Tuesday, June 30, 2015


     Yesterday I got to drop off Taylor and her best friend, Hanna, at Camp Bloomfield in Malibu.  It's a camp for the blind that's been around for ages.  They get to spend a week together hiking, biking, swimming, horse-back riding, rock climbing, and I even hear they're bringing in snow for a Christmas in July tomorrow night.  What's so cool about this camp is that each blind camper is able to bring a sighted buddy if they so choose.
    Taylor begged us to ask Hanna.  (No begging necessary I must say.  We adore Hanna!!!)  Taylor and Hanna have known each other since they were 2 1/2 years old at Blind Children's Learning Center where Hanna's mom, Teri, was their teacher.  They have had a special bond since then.  During the following 2 years when the girls went to separate preschools, we'd run into Hanna and her family from time to time.  Then....at kindergarten round-up, we found out the family would be transferring to our same elementary school. Then...the girls ended up in the same Kindergarten class!
     Hanna has been by Taylor's side through so many ups and downs.  She has been a constant in Taylor's life.  She has been a model of friendship many adults do not get the privilege of knowing.  She has been Taylor's aide when one was not available at school.  She has been by Taylor's side through some bullying episodes and has been bullied herself because of sticking up for Taylor and other "special" kiddos.
     Recently, Hanna had to get a shot to go to this camp.  That is Hanna's greatest fear...shots.  She broke down for a long time, actually a day according to her parents and finally said, "Am I going to let one shot hold me back from a whole week of camp?"   Taylor was finally able to help Hanna through this trial as Hanna has helped her through countless setbacks.  Taylor felt privileged to be the one to provide help since Hanna seems to always be the one cheering her on and encouraging her to push past fears.
     It was so special to watch the girls get to camp, super nervous at first...together...pushing through their nerves to help one another.  They met their camp counselors who gave me nothing but peace!  Before Lauren and I left and said a prayer together, Hanna told me she wanted to go again next year.  I'm hoping she feels the same when we pick her up Friday!  These girls are such a beautiful model of God's precious gift of friendship to each of us.


mommahud8 said...

Oh my goodness, Kim, this makes me teary-eyed! First of all, I am always overwhelmed by Hannah and Taylor's friendship. At her tender age, Hannah has personified selflessness and inspired so many of us to reach out to others and do the same. Hanna has been modeled to and taught well by her family, often giving of themselves to support others. I am so moved, as well, by TayTay's appreciation and recognition of Hannah's friendship. I love how they help and support each other through challenging situations! Above all, I am so grateful that these beautiful girls have had a friendship that started so long ago in preschool. I smile at being reminded of how they met and how their lives have been intertwined since...you know I don't believe in coincidences...blessings!

Kim said...

Mom, I just looked at this. I couldn't agree more! Did you get to read Taylor's Day 4 of Camp Bloomfield blogpost? She was so thankful for Hanna. I love that she recognizes and appreciates the true friend Hanna is at her young age. Coincidence??? No way!